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Okahandja Medical Centre, established in 1994, has grown to become integral to the continued wellbeing of not just the residents of the town of Okahandja, but those of the rural surrounding areas. Expanding in unison with the town around it, the Practice steadily took on more members of staff and increased its services, until it eventually outgrew the previous small premises.

At the beginning of 2012, the Practice moved into a brand new complex in the heart of Okahandja, with the Practice and its 4 full time general practitioners, complemented by a pharmacy, optometrist, physiotherapist, bio-kineticist, X-ray facility, laboratory and dentist. A visiting psychologist and dietician also share rooms twice a week – enhancing the holistic approach we have in mind. To compliment the Centre even more, a Satellite Practice was established in June 2014 at the newly built Okahandja Mall – manned by a full time general practitioner. The Slender Wonder Weight Program is an additional service to the community.

In October 2016 a new state of the art Operating Theatre and Day Hospital were added to the Centre – the first of its kind in Okahandja. Visiting specialists from Windhoek and the RSA and local GP’s and dentists perform much needed cold case operations, while skilled hospital staff cares for ill patients daily. Currently the Day Hospital is being expanded by erecting three wards for overnight patients -planning to be fully functional as a Private Hospital by the beginning of June 2021.

2020 was a huge challenge with COVID-19 in our midst, but a plan was made to see potential positive cases outside the building in a temporary structure, to protect whoever works and are treated inside the Centre. Screening staff were added at the entrance of both the Centre and the Mall Practice to differentiate between possible COVID cases and non-COVID patients entering the Centre. COVID vaccination, in conjunction with the MoHSS, will soon be our next huge project.